The best panoramic viewers at affordable prices – BrightStar is the online shop for quality optic products. BrightStar sightseeing binoculars allow your customers and tourists to enjoy beautiful landscapes on a completely new level. Located in Poland, at the heart of Europe, we have manufactured a wide range of optical devices from commercial coin operated binoculars to those for personal use since the 1980s. BrightStar are the first in the world to set new safety standards like the “self-leveling system” designed to avoid looking directly at the Sun when first being used. We cater for private customers, but our main business is commercial. If you are the owner or manager of a viewpoint, terrace, restaurant, hotel, catering facility, lift, cable car, parking lot, shelter or similar, we supply equipment which will enhance your customer experience. Please contact us – our specialists will help and advise you on your most suitable options and provide details on our compete range of sightseeing telescopes. There are further details in our FAQs section.

These viewing machines are also commonly called: Tower Viewers, Sightseeing Scopes, Coin-operated Binoculars, Commercial Binoculars, Non-coin Operated Binoculars, Observation Binoculars, Tourists Scopes, etc.

The best offer on the market

Tradition and a look to the future. We have been manufacturing spotting scopes for almost 40 years. Latest CNC digital manufacturing technologies.
100% Polish production.

Thoughtful design

High level of resistance to vandalism. Modular design of our spotting scopes allows economical shipping anywhere in the world.

Friendly service

Spare parts and service tools available. Lowest maintenance costs for viewing scopes in very good

100% satisfaction

Our customer’s success is a priority.
Create an even better future together with BrightStar!

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Commercial Sightseeing Binoculars for Tourists – Our Offer

BrightStar non coin operated tourist binocular

BrightStar scopes are fully weatherproof and robustly constructed to resist tampering. The water and dust protection class of the scope component is IP66. All our products are machined from rust resistant materials – mostly aluminium and stainless steel, offering the best weight to strength ratio. Even heavy duty devices are relatively light (50-70kg) and can be shipped worldwide by air in two boxes. The base has 8 pcs 15mm diameter holes placed equally on 290mm circle.

Each base has 8 x 15mm holes evenly spaced around a 290mm circle. For securing to the ground 4 – 8 anchor bolts or chemical anchorage systems (e.g. 12x120mm) can be used.

We manufacture three types of a tower viewers :

  1. Non Coin Operated Binoculars – Supplied without the central coin box or card terminal. Observation time is not limited – perhaps the best choice if providing a free additional service for your customers.
  2. Coin Operated Binoculars – Incorporating a central coin box and slot, which is secure, but accessible for emptying or renewing the battery, and limiting the viewer to a set time per payment.
  3. Binoculars with terminal card payment – Our latest addition. Customers can pay by card or phone, as in any shop. They just present their card or mobile phone (NFC equipped) close and start enjoying the view.

In each category you will find sightseeing scopes for one eye (monocular) and for two eyes (binocular). Telescopes with single eyepiece offer a greater magnification, so they will be better for observing ships at the seaside or details like the top of distant mountain or buildings. The two eyepiece binocular offer lower magnification, but a wider field of view and better depth feeling. In general, the BINO version is a better product for admiring the landscape.

In addition we manufacture:

  • SOLAR POWER SYSTEM allows our coin operated binoculars with mechanical coin injector* to work without charging – typically for 7 months in a central European climate from April to October). The solar panel also reduces the charging intervals in winter.
  • STAND FOR CHILDREN – safe, 180° or 360° round, without any sharp corners.

* Mechanical coin injector does not consume electric energy.

Recommended panoramic viewers

All BrightStar products have individual codes, which allow for quick identification and immediate reading of the most important parameters such as type and size.

Brand name: BS – BrightStar,
Series name: HS – Horizon Scopes,
Type: NC/C/T – Non-Coin / with Coin selector / Terminal for credit card payment + 1/2 (lens quantity)
Diameter of the tube and the diameter of the protecting lens. For 110 mm diameter of first glass the optical lens is 80mm (mono). For 120 mm it is 100 mm (mono). For a two tubes with diameter of 90 mm it is 50 mm but it’s BINO so it passes 2x more light because there are two lens.
Eyepiece quantity: 1/2 – 1 is monocular for one eye, 2 is binocular for two eyes.
Production version: 01, 02, 03, 04 etc. These products are being developed constantly and there are small upgrades every week. This number will ease to identify your version if you want to order components and accessories. When any major upgade will be implemented we will change this parameter.
Sometimes you will find extra letters: „GP” means Grid Power, „OGP” means Off-Grid Power, „CS” is Children Stand in 180° or 360° version.

Binocular code samples:

Accessories code samples:

BrightStar – Tourist Panoramic Viewers – Horizon Scopes series

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The Horizon Scopes series are our latest addition to the range using our 30 years of experience. All products were redesigned and upgraded with new prototypes thoroughly tested in 2018 and 2019. The BrightStar brand was born and these modern products are now in serial production. Our goal was to manufacture products that are reasonably priced, universal, durable, easy to repair and lightweight for worldwide air shipping. All BrightStar systems combine beautiful design with modern technology – CNC machined components using light and high quality materials. Horizon Scopes offer new safety standards (like ‘self-leveling’) and smart construction allows for full electronic and mechanical repair without having to access the hermetically sealed lens component.

Optical devices – some science

coin-operated sightseeing scope, tower viewer, terminal card payment binoculars

Panoramic binocular for tourist is an optical telescope using high quality optic lenses to focus light.

This allows people to see details of objects at a great distance. The optical binocular allows us to increase the focal parameter at the expense of brightness and angle – the reason the diameter of the optics is so important.

The bigger the better because it allows more light into the eye and the image is brighter – but the quality of the eyepiece and object lens is critical if a sharp and bright image is to be achieved – which is where our products come in.

About tourist binoculars and they types

Binoculars are an interesting addition to tourist attractions. Therefore, you can find different variants of them on the market. Today we will present what types of viewing scopes are on offer. Basics…

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